About Colin Mahoney, North Carolina

1414628357_Colin MahoneyAs head of Crete Coatings, Colin Mahoney leads the Raleigh, North Carolina, company that offers customers top-tier concrete preparation and installation services. He has experience in concrete staining and polished concrete, which is a cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing technique. Colin Mahoney and his team are able to offer this surface as a replacement for any type of existing flooring, as long as concrete forms the underlying substrate. Polished floors avoid the use of harsh chemicals through a process similar to sanding wood flooring.

Mr. Mahoney also undertakes numerous detail assignments, such as filling cracks and joints, which helps to prevent slab cracking. Through the use of epoxy/polyurea joint filler, the concrete is able to contract and expand, but debris and water will not penetrate and cause damage. Mr. Mahoney emphasizes personalized service and engages closely with clients in helping them select the flooring solution best suited to their needs and budget. To learn more about the services his company offers, visit http://www.cretecoatings.com.


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